Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bloggers of Mississippi, Unite! Or Just Sit There and Be All Apathetic and Shit

Ok, never got that nap. Dammit. I have been out gallivanting this evening-time, suffering through a couple of endless conversations with former law students who have just finished the bar today and just had to tell me about their contracts question and how it was so unfair. Yea, thanks, I'll get to that shit this summer.

I have realized something: Mississippi needs an organized blog e-zine similar to some of the ones done throughout the country. My good friend who posts the blog "Reality Reviewed" recently brought to my attention that one of his blogging buddies has started writing for the Chicagoist, which is a large for profit blogging site, sort of like an independently contributed e-zine. I read a bit of the Chicagoist and I encourage people to check it out. Its a great idea. Since I am a jet-setter and a trend-setter and an Irish-setter, I think Mississippi needs an organized blogging network, at the very least, linking us all together for the common goal of bitching 24/7. We could all blog, from all parts of the state, about real frivolous shit and have like karaoke night together and be like a club, like on the "Lil' Rascals." I'd be spanky. So there you go, cats and kittens. Lets organize something because the only other alternative is to let the Jackson Free Press continue on churning out their policies and dicta regarding what constitutes cultural commentary. And no, I don't think they do a very good job.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. I'm in. Call me to plot.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about staring a newspaper to directly compete with the Jackson Free Press?

I think, if it actually covered the news, it would be a real threat.

The Thinker said...

Sad as this might sound, you inspired me.