Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sanctum Sanctorum

I haven't been outside all day today. Actually, yesterday, I only left once to go to Krogers and get some sweet potatoes. I've been a recluse this weekend and its been somewhat nice. I mean, I'm not an anti-social person by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes its nice to be away from people. I consider my little apartment to be my fortress of solitude. No one visits, I don't invite anyone over and I don't know my neighbors. Ok, I know my immediate next door neighbor who I have a little crush on. Actually, I don't really know her. LOL. I know her name and we have met, but its not like I see her out much. She works in the medical field and has an awkward schedule. Really and truly, I guess I don't care to get to know my neighbors. I like the fact that my apartment is my place that I can be alone. Every year, I find that I am more and more turned off by the loud clicks and whistles of places like Best Buy, the mall and driving down Lakeland. Everyone is in such a goddamn hurry. My apartment serves to soften the edges around my little neurotic life and I like being alone. Now, if I could only get it clean, it would be really great.

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