Thursday, February 1, 2007

Remember, Feed Your Head

I am a media junkie. Really, I am. I watch close to 6 to 8 hours of news every day and night and constantly check local media sources on the internet. So I'm watching "Live Desk" at lunch while I enjoyed my Subway sandwich and they had an intriguing story about this new website being sponsored by Columbia University called "" This website is primarily devoted to student questions regarding sex and sexuality. Obviously, Fox News had to have a panel of experts to debate the website. Lots of bickering, not much substance and that was the end of the segment. While I was watching the talking heads debate the merits of this website, the caption at the bottom of the screen said "Is Goaskalice your child's college sex advisor?" Amazing. The word "child" is what intrigues me. Now, I consider myself an old fogey who doesn't really like anyone younger than myself, but come on Fox News. I'm sorry to inform them that kids in my day and today got their sex advice in Jr. High and High School. These aren't "kids" in college. I know everyone would like to believe their children are still children at 19 and 20, but think about it! They are 19 and 20!! When does a person get to call themselves adults? I have no opinion on this website, except to say that Fox News, for all its "moral correctness" provided some great advertising for Oh yea, of course I had to go check the website out and its pretty low-key. This is the internet, folks. You see and hear racier stuff on youtube.

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