Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rathkeller II

Well last night was HeART against AIDS benefit up at the Rathkeller. It was nice, but parking was a motherfucker. The squares were out in force, as this was an excuse to venture from Madison or the Rez and show off your faux fur coats and hug tight to your trophy winning doctor-husband. As a regular of different Rathkellers around town, I'm always stunned when squares descend on one of my regular haunts. Its not that I don't like them, I guess I just don't see them enough to appreciate what they add to the scene. The best part of the entire evening is watching a guy parking his lexus, 3 blocks down from the joint, then at midnight or so, have to walk his faux fur wearing, botox injected wife back to their car. It was pretty cold last night, so there wasn't enough homeless people to bother the squares. Dammit. I have to say, the food was the best part of the evening. I ate like 3 times because all they had were very small plastic plates. Mental note: next year bring your own plate. The gay community was out in force and served as a nice counterbalance to the squares. Forced mingling is a fantastic thing to watch. These crusty ol' Redstaters from Madison having to talk to the most liberal, most gay, and most tan people is just something to experience. I was glad to see alot of money raised for AIDS awareness and I saw a couple of local celebs hanging about. I'm sure I looked completely out of place at this show, but that is also nice. I always enjoy the experience of being a fish out of water, but little do the squares know, this is my Rathkeller; they are just guests. I'm glad this only once a year.

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