Friday, February 16, 2007

Blog War Is Cooler Than Cola War

Ok, Blog war is on. A friend of mine has recently accused me of hazing him into starting a blog. Needless to say, The Expatriate vehemently denies these accusations. Although I have to say that my mind has been a bit distorted lately, due to my high intensity use of "Head On" (apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the forehead), I cannot blame an innocent, consumer friendly topical drug for my extreme (scuze me, "X-treme") blogging of late. This friend of mine recently blogged furiously about the different rationalizations that people use to justify their rantings or criticisms. Well, I truly believe this new blogging friend of mine is the same way. He enjoys the fact of generating a bit of catharsis with discussing different topics for other people to view. He likes the fact that seemingly random people have the opportunity to read his writings, just as much as I do. In reading his blog, however, he would trick you, dear reader, into thinking differently. He tries to pull himself out of the blogging world and look from a very clinical standpoint, like, oh say, a Southern Studies teacher who would teach a class at Ole Miss about the South, yet due to her Maryland roots, would look only at her position in the South from an anthropological standpoint. My blogging friend is doing the same. I don't blame him, though. He is as Po-Mo as the rest of the blogging world, but I know my reasons for blogging. I like to write. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor discipline, at least right now in my life, to devote myself to strictly writing, but maybe someday. My blogging friend is the same way, however he won't admit it, so I'm admitting it for him. He fired the first shot, so this is my answer. Time for deconstructionist war in the streets.


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