Sunday, February 4, 2007

Whats in a Name?

You know I just noticed that I have yet to post about why I call this blog "The Ole Miss Expatriate." Hmm. Well, many moons ago, I lived in an ancient and class based society known as Oxford, nestled in the northern, rolling hills of north central Mississippi. I lived there with my tribe and was happy with my life. After a time, I discovered that my next steps to becoming a full bred member of the tribe could only be completed if I journeyed south. With a heavy heart, I departed my native lands and waved goodbye to my tribesmen and wandered into the great expansive waste of central Mississippi.

Astride my noble steed known as "U-Haul," I treked deep into foreign territory. In a county known as "Rankin" I built my hut and began learning what I could from the new tribe. For the last few years I have lived at peace with them, learning their ways. Unfortunately, my time with this tribe is drawing to a close, however I feel positive about my next step. I do not know if I will return to my native lands to stay permanently. I have traveled back several times to visit with my old kinsmen, but the sacred land of Lafayette is so changed these days, I do not know if my destiny lies with the great north Mississippi tribe or elsewhere.

Therefore, I am a wanderer. I am an expatriate. I am also stretching to make this post interesting.

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