Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another Job Post, Last One For A While

If anyone reads this blog, one of the continuous topics I talk about is the topic of jobs. I have been in school, for literally, my entire life. I've worked all kinds of jobs, for companies, private contractors, professionals, janitorial, and on and on. I've been everything from the guy who sweeps the floors to the guy who serves someone subpoenas. I've never had a real job though. I'm now soon to be done with this hell pit of academia. I'm ready to work. I know many people out there would say, "you don't know what your asking." Yes I do. Academics is the world of uncertainty, and at least with a profession and a job, you have a certain direction. I do understand the other side, though. One of my best friends finished grad school last year and has since been working a pretty terrible job. My friend and I grew up with the illusion that getting a higher education immediately opens the door to advancement and better jobs. Well, we know it doesn't. The only function of higher education is to give you an equal opportunity to push for gainful employment. My old friend sits in the position that I hope I am not in next year. I don't want to trade this shit hole of academics for a shit hole of a job.
The good thing about having a great friend that sits in this position, is the advice he can give me and the hope we share for a better future. We are both confident that good jobs do exist, perhaps it just takes a little time and networking. I knew there must be a reason I was up at Hal and Mals a bit. My friend is married, though. So his timetable on getting a better job is a bit more rushed than me. When it comes to me, I'll stumble onto something and make it work, all the while keeping my eyes peeled for something bigger and better. My friend, however, should be in something better right now. I am pretty aware of my flaws, but I've been trying to discover what my friend's flaws are when it comes to this job hunt thing. I think I've found it and although I know I'll get an earful of this later, I might as well say it; my best friend won't take a chance. Now, this is not to say he has never taken chances, or he is weak, but with his situation in life and his position, he stays back and doesn't play the game. Now, in many respects this makes him one of the most admirable people I know, in that he refuses to let himself get suckered into a losers game, but if you don't play sometimes, you can't win sometimes. I know he can do great things and I know I can too. Also, he is a perfectionist and a germ-a-phobe and it drives me and his wife crazy.

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