Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Signing Day 2007 or The Last Waltz of Football Until the Draft

Ok, today is signing day university football throughout the country and I have a few bones to pick. Damn, I've been doing alot of complaining lately. Anywho, lets get to the bitching. First of all, messageboards. The predominant messageboard for college football gossips is Rivals. My biggest complaint about this crap is the sheer fact that anything posted on the "free" board that even borders on being interesting or gossipy about Ole Miss football, is instantly deleted. The reason, you ask? Because the moderators and managers want that information reserved for the damn pay board. Now I understand the need to make money to support that crap, but jeez!! On top of charging for membership, ad space is already sold which makes Rivals god knows how much money. Rivals is a good resource if you want to pay to play. Next beef, Ole Miss has had sort of a shitty day, when it comes to recruiting. I, being the eternally happy person that I am, am trying to turn my frown upsidedown with the reasoning that maybe with some of the pressure off of our recruits maybe the coaches can coach and the players can play, because after the last few seasons, I say pull the redshirts, let everyone compete for spots and get it on! Enough with this pussy footing around shit. Play the players. Last gripe about signing day, its all hype and no reward. This is one of the last great hurrahs for football enthusiasts and its only a tease. All the damn rankings that ESPN and Rivals and Scout do about who had the better recruiting year, doesn't really mean shit when it comes to the upcoming season. Its not like hardly any of these kids are even going to play in the fall. With all the damn redshirts and grayshirts and whatever the hell else colors they slap on these kids to keep their eligibility, signing day 2007 is only relevant for the first game of the fall two years from now. I'm napping now, so go check Rivals for me and see if Ole Miss got anyone new.

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