Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Volunteer This

What is the number one job you can get while your in law school? A volunteer job!!! As much as I am a fan of pro bono work, the biggest issue to remember about anyone in grad school is we are living on nothing every day. Seriously. In law school, we live on one loan check per semester and are expected to get great jobs after school so we can give back to the school. Yea, really. Every day, there are literally dozens of volunteer jobs available to anyone in law school. The common rationale given to us is: "its great for your resume." Gimme a break. What is the number one thing law students and anyone in grad school wants: a paying job. Volunteering is great, but when you have monster loans and killer bills, what you want is a paying gig. I want to help people, really I do, however if I can't live and pay my damn loans off then whats the point? Jeez. I'm just venting right now, take it or leave it. Who cares.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Twilight Zone at Krogers

It got so cold tonight that I had to listen to Lena Horn's rendition of "Summertime" just to get a mental picture of what warmth is. Naturally, I also had to look up "Summertime" on Wiki just to fill up the empty parts of my brain. That song has been covered over 2600 times. Jesus! I have to say I truly enjoy the song, so its no big surprise. When its stupid hot outside, its a good song to listen to and when its insanely cold its also refreshing.

This will be my 19th post since I started blogging on here and I'm sad to say that this is becoming a real addiction. I panicked earlier when I realized I might run out of topics if I stay on this pace. Then I thought, "Nah, then I'll just start making shit up, like I'm a movie star or a race car driver." That would be so money.

I have an early class tomorrow, but I just can't sleep. I went to Kroger a few hours ago and did some shopping and it got pretty weird. Now I love to shop at Kroger at night because hopefully, there will be fewer people. Well I'm not sure if the planets aligned in a weird way or there was a full moon I didn't know about but it got freaky. First of all, I saw this guy in a black coat who was just starring at me in the fruit section. He was looking at me like he knew me, then when I looked back at him, you know to like acknowledge him, he looked down quickly then left the store. Ok, weird, but not too weird. Then when I made it over to the drink aisle, this guy was looking at a gallon jug of water, bit the top off, and let the jug drop. He looked at me and walked off. Ok, very weird. I got my groceries and bolted for the check-out line. As I made my way back to my car, this extremely old man, wearing a red sweater vest like Mr. Rodgers used to wear, was walking around and around this red Corvette and smiling at me. He wasn't getting in the car or looking at it, just walking in circles around it and smiling at me. Ok, I was totally freaked and shoved my groceries and got the hell out of there. Something was amiss at the Kroger and I didn't want to find out. I wasn't about to wait around there and let the situation go from an episode of X-Files to an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Wikipedia, The Future, and I'm a Nerd

I'm a die-hard Wikipedia fan. For those of you who have been living in a cave, under a rock and with your head in the ground, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia on the web. It has just about any topic you can think of and is edited, and contributed to, by anyone and everyone. Obviously, this poses a problem to the validity of what is written, but its a great starting place if your looking for information on just about anything. Tonight, on the Discovery channel, there was a show on called "2057." Great show, its all about the future and different technologies and sciences and how mankind is proceeding with advancements. This got me thinking about the future, so I looked up "future" on Wikipedia. There is a ton of shit on Wiki about anything and everything you can imagine about what the future might hold. Its worth a look.

This all got me thinking about my vision of the future. What will the world look like 50 years from now? The funny thing is most likely very similar to what it looks like today with most of the same problems around. Picture yourself 50 years ago, in 1957. The world then, is pretty similar to the world today, but to find the differences you have to look in the corners. They had lots of problems then: terrible race relations in the United States, political instability throughout the world, high mortality rate, no treatments for dozens of diseases, etc... Well today, many of those problems have been either greatly reduced, or almost stamped out. But what is the major difference between today and 1957? Get in the corners and look closely. Our entire world economy is now based on the Internet. Sounds funny, but its true. How is money transferred? The net. How are directions given to oil tankers? Satellites and the net. And who would have conceived of that in 1957? That is one startling difference, but its something you just can't see. When you put the fact that our world now depends on the Internet to function economically, it does make our world almost unrecognizable to that of 1957.

My main point comes back to the article about the future on Wikipedia. All of these people have posted articles about scenarios and ideas regarding what the future will look like. What is funny is that no matter how strange the future might be presented by these different writers and contributors, the real vision of the future will most likely be something we have never considered and be unrecognizable to the world of 2007.

Ray Bradbury, eat your heart out. LOL.

Public Broadcasting Agent

Since I decided to do this blog, I have enjoyed blogging much more than my previous place. I guess Blogger is a pretty good place. In fact, despite my belief that none of my friends are reading this, I find that I post a few times a day. Its almost a relief to unload my random, sometimes, crazy thoughts for anyone to peruse. I was actually considering blasting K-Fed again, but I just can't. He is just too terrible and only deserves my pity now. I'm now anxiously waiting on Mississippi Roads, its that show with Walt Grayson that comes on the news and Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Its kinda grainy and not very well shot, but I do enjoy the different places he travels. I've learned alot about Mississippi I've never known. Yes, I am a voluntary PR agent for Mississippi Roads. LOL. Also, I think "This American Life" is fixing to come on public radio, so I'm waiting on that too. Oh my God. I just realized how much of an intellectual elitist I am. Well I don't really care. Those are both good shows.


I just got through listening to a report on NPR about a stage play in Alabama. The play was "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Traditionally, Harper Lee attends the play every year and meets with the students. I am a hardcore "Mockingbird" fan and idolize Gregory Peck's portrayal of Atticus in the movie adaptation. The report on NPR was part of a larger report about different race based issues in the south including a report about the reunion of the Freedom Riders. I started thinking to myself, what exactly was it about "Mockingbird" that I liked so much? Why does it make me so emotional to watch the scene where Tom is convicted and as Atticus walks out of the court room all the black people stand up and the old black reverend says "Ms. Jean Louise, stand up. Your daddy is passing." Is it the tragedy of the verdict or maybe the respect that an entire community of second class citizens show to the only man who would stand up for their rights? Why does the book persist as a classic tale? What is the intrinsic quality about this story? Dignity. In the face of all the adversity that the characters face, the one quality that I find standing out is dignity. Race is only the backdrop, but dignity is only colorless quality that permeates all the protagonists.

Freedom From Idiots

Ok, I admit it. I'm a youtube junkie. Thats right, I get my fix everyday, like heroin, by looking at either 1) gratuitous violence on youtube, 2) personal video diaries or 3) downright weird videos like that one with the mentos in the diet coke. I need an intervention desperately. Youtube is pure crack. On that note, one of the most popular and one of the most discussed topics on youtube is religion, or the lack thereof. I have noticed that there are these huge battles between people either advocating christianity and God or advocating atheism. I am amazed at how vehement these people get. One guy was so mad he was just screaming and ranting about how he hates all religions. Now I consider myself a spiritual person, but I have lots of friends with a myriad of views ranging from judaism and christianity to pure atheism, but the common thread between these people is they don't get into shouting matches. I guess watching youtube for these people is more or less the exceptions to the rule but something struck me the other day when I was indulging in viewing these trainwrecks: people today are becoming a little less tolerant. Even atheists who advocated back in the day for "freedom from religion" are now advocating for "freedom from anything that resembles religion" and pushing a disrespectful view of other people's beliefs. One of the videos I watched was this atheist talking about how he doesn't feel any need to respect a christian's point of view because he as an atheist doesn't believe in it. What the hell kind of view is that? By this guy's rationale, if you disagree with any single point of any other person's ideas about life or spirituality, then you don't have to respect them as a human being. Its a disgusting point of view. This debate about respecting other views is spilling into every area of the American body politic and I don't like it. Tolerance is now seen as acquiescence. "Live and let live" is replaced with "live, push your views, and screw anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with you." Once again my point is proven; most people in the world are crazy.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

K-Fed, playa extreme

So today I wikied Kevin Federline. Yes, my life is that boring that I actually wikied K-Fed. Not a very good article, but I was mainly interested in finding out how much money he was getting from Brittany Spears from their divorce settlement. 300k. Yes, 300,000 is all his is getting. Now for me, you and the rest of the world, that is a good chunk of change, but for a Hollywood playa, that just won't cut it. Albeit, he is also getting half the cash from the sale of their Malibu home, a playa like K-Fed is going to need some more cash. If your a washed up dork like K-Fed, whose only accomplishments are being the ex-Mr. Brittany Spears and winning the Teen Choice award for Male Red Carpet Fashion Icon, where do you look for money? Where else? Pro-wrestling and a Nationwide Insurance ad during the Super Bowl. Yes, thats right. When your settled down to watch the Super Bowl, get ready for some dumbass ad featuring K-Fed. I can just see it now: K-Fed is like partying or something and sipping Cognac (like all playas do) and he gets a text message from Brittany in which she tells him she is divorcing him. Then with a dumbass look in his eyes, he looks at the camera and says "Life comes at you fast." Thats their slogan. Hopefully, he'll be holding his Teen Choice award in one hand and his song Popozoa will be playing in the background. As much as I despise him, I really wish he would have come out with a few more albums so he could have eclipsed Vanilla Ice as the worst person ever to be involved in music. Hell, you never know. Maybe he will reconcile with his redneck white trash wife and they can do an album together.

A Dreary Saturday's Thoughts

Its a pretty dreary saturday morning. I woke up at around noon because, well because I was up so late on friday night studying and hanging out at the library. Yea right. If you believe that, I also have a certain bridge to sell to you. Since I woke up, I have been watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and the King of Cars marathon on A&E. I love watching King of Cars because it shows you just how slimy car dealers can be. As for Bogus Journey, I really think I like this one better than the first. Anything with the Grim Reaper as some kind of euro-trash gets my vote. I have yet to eat today and I'm now starving. This has alot to do with the fact that I don't have any clothes to wear, so I'm trying to wash everything. Ok, the dryer just went off so I've got to go forage for food.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Local Media Musings

I'm sure everyone has heard the news that James Seale has been arrested and indicted here in Mississippi for the kidnapping of two black men in 1964. I, for one, am glad there were some good investigative journalists that helped Thomas Moore, the brother of one of the slain black men, push for some much needed justice. 40+ years is way too long to wait on justice, but thank God the wheels finally got rolling. Hopefully, with as strong a case as I hear it is, another cold case will be closed. My problem with this story has nothing to do with whats going on in the case. My problem is with the media. It seemed to me that many people in the local media are scrambling to pat themselves on the back for pushing this one through. True, certain members of local media helped locate the accused kidnapper, but jeez, take a step back. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but isn't the first duty of a reporter to report the news? The local media here has dug its claws into this juicy story and plastered it everywhere with "full team coverage." I know everyone will say, "Damn, Expatriate, your one cynical asshole," but I just find it kind of creepy to see everyone, in the local media, clamoring pin a medal on their chest for "righting what once went wrong," to quote Quantum Leap. What happened to "I was just doing my job?" Many members of the local media are infusing their ideas about policy, especially in prosecutions, instead of reporting policy and advocating from the sidelines. This is nothing new, though. Thomas Carlyle called the press the "Fourth Estate" referring to its ability to frame political and social issues for the public and providing a level of transparency in govnerment. I believe in this but I also believe the press and today's media, sometime like the spotlight for themselves.

Book Picks

Lately, I haven't had a good book to read. I finished just about all of David Sedaris' books and I love them, but they go to quick. If anyone else is in this rut and wants some book suggestions, I have a few for you:

1) Hunter S. Thompson, I'd suggest Kingdom of Fear. Very good collection of the good doctor's letters from later in his life, some older stuff too.

2) Thomas Wolfe, Ever want to change your life? Start with You Can't Go Home Again. I promise it will shake you up.

3) Brett Easton Ellis, American Pyscho himself. Finished Lunar Park a while ago. Very scary, in a Stephen King kind of way, but with Ellis' post-modern style and sensibility.

4) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, You can't beat Sherlock Holmes.

5) Edward Humes, Mississippi Mud is one of the greatest non-fictions ever written. Disturbing look at the Dixie Mafia and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I think Grisham may have stolen a few plot lines. LOL.

6) Dr. Alan Lightman, I know, he sounds like a Mega-Man character but he is great. I have had the pleasure of meeting him too. Super nice guy. He is theoretical physicist, I think, but writes drama on the side. Huge brain on this guy. Read The Diagnosis.

7) Flannery O'Connor, Your not going to get much better Southern short stories. Incredible wit and some of the scariest close to real life shit you have ever read. Start with A good man is hard to find.

8) Truman Capote, In cold blood is brutal and another incredibly great non-fiction. The birth of modern police stories.

9) Harper Lee, Another great southern lady of letters. To Kill a Mockingbird will get under your skin and fill up your soul. Gives you hope about the south. After you read the book, watch the movie because Mary Badham is great as Scout and Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is brilliant.

There you go. Nine great books that will either scare you, make you laugh, or reaffirm your life. I would appreciate anyone's suggestions on any good books I should think about trying.

Getting High on Insomnia

You ever get so little sleep, you feel drunk on insomnia? I feel that way. Whats funny is that I got about 6 hours worth last night. I've been looking up sleep disorders on WebMD all morning, but they are no help. Unless your a narcoleptic or a have night terrors, WebMD is pretty useless to me. Hypersomnia looks pretty attractive. Maybe thats what I have. More likely, I am just not getting enough exercise and my sleep schedule is totally screwed up. Anyone in law school will tell you that sitting through an 8 o'clock class is not conducive to improving your sleep. All I can think about the entire time I'm in my early class is how much I need a nap. I start making deals with myself so I can get through the material. "Ok brain, listen up. I'm running this show and we have to work this out. I know your tired, seriously I do. Body, your in this thing too. Listen guys, all you have to do is make it through the next 20 minutes and then you can collapse." I'm talking to myself. Not a good sign, and thats really how sleepy I am.

The Road to Kosciusko

Over the holidays I had to travel back up to north Mississippi to my ancestral lands to confer with my kinfolk and celebrate holiday fellowship. On the way up Highway 25 I noticed something. There are like 12 different exits to Kosciusko. For all you yankee bastards or out of towners that don't know your Mississippi towns, its pronounced, "Koz-ie-esk-oh." Now I've never been to this mighty metropolis, but I was stunned with the realization that 12 different roads lead off Highway 25 to this villiage. Was Kosciusko a grand city, a great center of learning in central Mississippi? Did Highway 25 rob Kosciusko of being the hub between points north and the Capitol? What happened to this city to garner this much attention at some point in its history? Now I'm intrigued. I'm going to have to make a trip there and see what Oprah sees in this place. More likely, I'll take a nap on my couch and forget that I posted this.

The Worst Sport

What is the laziest sport in the world? Well aside from "Lazyball" which is just incredible, I would have to say pro basketball is terrible. I was watching part of the San Antonio and Houston game a few days ago and its looks like a pick-up game at a local gym. Everyone is driving to the basket, no one is passing it around (unless that pass has to do with flipping upside down in mid-air to make yourself look good.) I have no sympathy for pro basketball players. They don't play defense anyone, the scores become ridiculous and I would argue they have the worst attitudes in all of professional sports. Not to say that I am a huge college basketball fan, but I do appreciate it more than pro. The biggest joke is coming up with the damn all star game for the NBA and I could just throw up.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nightlife Places

Tonight, seeing as I'm pretty broke I decided I would stay in a do a little review of some of my favorite establishments in this fair city. We'll start at the top:

Ever wondered where you could find an Irish pub in the middle of the south? Well this city wasn't called the Crossroads of the South for nothing. Fenians is a great place with a very unique atmosphere. Just about everyone you see when you walk through the door is a regular and they let you know it. The staff is very good and the manager Damon runs a tight ship. Outsiders and out of towners stick out like sore thumbs, but usually get a pretty good reception from the motley crew of patrons, bartenders and wait staff. The music is always free and karaoke night is a riot, (although I really can't stand karaoke.) Any attire is acceptable from the suits of the Capitol to me and my old jeans. The food is good and the kitchen stays open late. I suggest at least one trip to Fenians for anyone who lives or visits anywhere near Jacktown.

Hal and Mals
I always say that Hal and Mals has juxtaposition on tap. This place has the strangest eclectic mix of people you can find anywhere. During the day, this place is a restaurant with a pretty good menu. Actually, I'm not really sure about the entire menu, just the sandwiches. During the night, Hal and Mals has three main rooms and a couple of smaller rooms. The big back room usually has the big acts that come to Jackson and if your looking for where North Mississippi Allstars are playing, its the big back room. The smaller main room usually has the free music every other night, mostly jazz and bluegrass, but that's the place I haunt. In the redroom, blues is rolling pretty regularly. I recommend Hal and Mals for a good change of pace and a good mix of everything Jackson has to offer.

930 Blues Club
During the day you can't even tell this place is a blues club. Situated off Fortification street on some side street I can't remember, 930 looks like an old home, but during the night, this place is the most hoppin' juke joint for miles. Miss Sweetheart Jackie Bell belts out the blues and soul and get ready for her to serenade you. 930 is a little expensive with a cover charge every night, but well worth hitting it up every so many weeks. Its so popular that you need to be ready to get there at around 8 or 9 due to the crowd. Its a great place to take out of town friends who really want to experience some real blues. Expect to see pimps and cops together watching some hot blues.

I have to admit I was not a fan of Martins for a while. At first, I was very put off with Martins because of the slow service, how this bar is set up and the usual crowd there. Naturally, what changed my mind? Beer of course. Martins has the, and I mean THE, best selection of beer in this entire city. I can't even begin to estimate how many different types of beer they have, but its enough for me. Martins has really grown on me, mainly as a good late night place to go, when many other places are shutting down. Its kinda dingy and has never been the friendliest place, but it has the habit of collecting a strange brew of Jackson characters very late at night and complimenting this with a good lager selection. Give it a try if your out to see some late nightlife.

Now I cannot say that I have partied here or even hung out for an extended period, but Schimmels is a nice place. I ate there once and the steak was just right. According to my sources, Schimmels has gained a pretty good reputation for music and night life. Its a swanky joint, so don't run in there without dressing up a bit.

How perfect. Follow Schimmels up with Jokers. Jokers is the quintessential trucker bar on the side of the highway. Its a little rough, but a pretty good bartender and lots of pool tables. Also lots of dartboards. The strangest thing about Jokers is the wide selection of K.D. Lang on the jukebox? I guess Jokers these days is a trucker/gangster/lesbian bar.

Sportsman's Lodge
Sports bar that can get way too crowded. This place has lots of tvs and two pool tables. The jukebox is pretty good, but usually broke. Usually too many guys, but it makes my main list because its a great place to watch Ole Miss play during football season.

Ok, those are my top places to hang out. Here are a few mediocre places:

Char: Not bad, a little too pretentious and expensive for me. Good place to see everyone in Mississippi politics when the Senate and House are in session.

Bravo: Wonderful food, another pretentious bar.

Julep: Way too feminine for me. Basically, they only have cocktails.

Elixir: Never been, have no reason to go.

Cherokee Inn: Another place I have no reason to go.

Pops Around the Corner: Supposedly the roughest place in Jackson.

Mardi Gras: They almost kicked me out one night when they first opened because I was wearing a pullover. They made the mediocre list because at least they have regular music, but its not my kind of place.

Buffalo Wild Wings: My only reason to go to this place is to watch pro football. The season is over and so is me being there.

Ok, here is my worst list, places I cannot stand:

W.C. Don's, Any place that serves beer in Rankin County, Fire, Ice and the rest of those places right next to each other, The Spot or Headliners or whatever they are calling it now, and Cups. Yes, I don't like Cups. I go to Cups every now and then, but for some reason it rubs me the wrong way.

Law School Characters

These are a few of my favorite types that I have seen in law school. Most of my friends and I guess myself are a combination of a many of these categories, but like with life, archetypes do exist among us. Enjoy.

The Gunner
Everyone has heard of this person. Usually, they are a real jerk and climb there way to the top. First semester of first year, they are just like everyone else, but now they are on top and trying to decide which clerkship/paid internship in New York they want. They usually speak up alot in class and no one can really stand them except other gunners.

The Married Guy
The Married Guy is usually pretty funny and usually pretty stressed out. He doesn't really stick out too much, and is more worried about family concerns than school. The Married guy is usually pretty productive, but lacks something in the networking department because whereas everyone else is at the bar on Friday, he is watching Dateline with the kids.

The Married Girl
The Married Girl is usually pretty ambitious and doesn't really associate with anyone. The Married girl speaks up pretty often because they feel they have to in order to compete. Lots of conversations about "The Glass Ceiling."

The Older Lady
The Older Lady has worked in a million different fields, usually all secretarial and decided one day that if her jackass employer could go to law school, so could she. She is pretty embittered and doesn't play well with others. When she schmoozes and networks at the bar, she is usually pretty drunk.

The Married Couple
Now this is the worst. The Married Couple came to law school together because one of them really wanted to go and the other one didn't want to get a divorce sometime in the future, when the lawyer wised up. Most people either like one or the other, but never both. They are usually divorced by the end of school.

The Engaged Couple
The Engaged Couple are disgusting because seeing as law school is just like jr. high, the Engaged Couple takes it to the next level. They take all the same courses and constantly cheat on each other. At the end of school, or close to it, they get married and the reception looks like a bar convention.

The Old Professional
The Old Professional is some old bastard of a doctor, pharmacist, or business type that felt that a law degree would be "fun" and speaking ALL THE TIME in class would be entertaining. No one likes the Old Professional.

The Naive Idiot
This is the girl/guy who is some die-hard religious type who just can't wrap their head around a supreme court ruling that contradicts their life and constantly tells everyone about it. They never network and usually move back to their po-dunk village.

The Booze-Hound
This is the guy/girl everyone knows. They usually aren't anywhere near the top ten or top thirty. They never speak in class, have mastered the art of drinking till four, then making an eight o'clock class. The Booze-Hound eventually becomes president of the state bar association.

The Redneck/Hoosier
This guy/girl is terribly out of place. They constantly refer to their tractor/pig in every legal scenario they can come up with. No one can stand them except the Naive Idiot, who they eventually marry.

The Networker
This is the greasiest guy/girl in the world. Everyone likes The Networker, until they snatch a job from underneath another person. The Networker and the Booze-Hound usually get along pretty well because the see each other at the bar all the time. The Networker starts law school dating The Naive Idiot and then dumps him/her for a Gunner.

The Story Guy
The Story Guy is sometimes The Redneck/Hoosier. The Story guy cannot get through a class without a long drawn out story about something really frivolous. Even the Old Professional doesn't like the Story Guy.

The Foreigner
No one can understand this guy/girl, even if they are from the same country. After a while The Foreigner becomes a fixture and is almost treated like a mascot.

The Militant
Pick your poison: feminist, republican, black panther, orthodox jew, with the Militant everything comes down to their belief, no matter what. No one likes to go out to formal lunches or meetings with the Militant for fear they will pound everyone in the head with their beliefs, but once at the bar, the Militant usually calms down.

Meeting The Man

Whats on the agenda children? Well today's post is about jobs. Everyone that knows me knows that I blame the baby boomers for most everything in the world that is wrong and the job market is no exception. Lets take an interesting story from my own recent history. About a year ago I received a call from a relative of mine, telling me that he had set up an interview for me with a very prestigious firm. So I donned my suit, cleaned myself up and proceeded to Big Time Firm's main office. After getting there I met with my connection. Little did I know, but the connection was The Man Himself. The Man Himself took me around through the entire building (Big Time Firm owned the entire building) and talked about all the luxurious art on the walls. He showed me around and really gave me the royal treatment. After a while he suggested lunch, so we adjourned to a local eatery. During lunch he asked me what I wanted to do with my degree and so forth. I was getting a good feeling that this cushy clerkship was waltzing my way, but then suddenly, The Man Himself told me he had nothing to do with the hiring and in fact, they had no positions available. I wanted to get up right then. Now alot of people say, "Expatriate, your getting your undies in a bunch, at least you got a free lunch." Yea, if I had wanted a greasy hamburger, I could have bought it myself without having to wear my goddamn suit. I was stunned and learned a valuable lesson; no one can do anything for you, unless the sanguinity runs directly, not indirectly. I have discovered that in law school, its better to schmooze and network at a bar, like a civilized person.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lawyer Got Off Easy

Recently a noted criminal defense attorney was reinstated by the Mississippi Bar after being held in contempt, being suspended, paying a fine and retaking the ethics portion of the Mississippi Bar. Of course, op-ed pieces on The Jackson Free Press have blasted the Bar for any suspension and singing this lawyer, Chokwe Lumumba's praises. I feel that Lumumba got off pretty easy and I have very little tolerance for an attorney acting the way he did in order to get suspended. In the profession of law, lawyers are expected to act with a bit of decorum, even when they don't get their way. By disrespecting a judge, even a judge that is not likeable, the attorney is disrespecting the entire Court and showing disrespect for the entire system. Here is an excerpt from what occurred to originally get him suspended:

THE COURT: I am going to have you removed--
MR. LUMUMBA:--your henchmen throw me out, Judge?
THE COURT: Until you show some respect to the Court--
MR. LUMUMBA: I'm trying to show you some respect.
THE COURT: Will you remove him from the Courtroom?
MR. LUMUMBA: That's the way you've handled it the whole Court. I'm proud to be thrown out of your Courtroom.
THE COURT: All right. Just a minute. That will cost you three hundred dollars, Mr. Lumumba. Now if you want to continue--
MR. LUMUMBA: Look, Judge, if we've got to pay for justice around here, I will pay for--
THE COURT:--I will exercise my discretion--
MR. LUMUMBA:--justice.
THE COURT:--regarding a jail sentence.
MR. LUMUMBA: I've paid other judges to try to get justice, pay you, too, if that's what is necessary.
THE COURT: It will cost you $500.00. You will serve three days in the County Jail. You will start serving it immediately, for contempt of Court.
MR. LUMUMBA: No problem. Are you going to feed me? I can't get my bag?
THE COURT: Court is in recess.

The Jackson Free Press Awards

Recently, the Jackson Free Press announced its "Best of Jackson Awards" and many of my favorites won first place. Best Wok, the best place for Chinese food in Jackson, Fenians took just about every bar award and Toni and Dave picked up sexiest bartender and best bartender, respectively. I am very happy that fellow Jacksonians have recognized the best of the best around here, but of course, I have a bone to pick with the Jackson Free Press. Colonel Reb won "Best Mascot" and instantly, JFP gets on the defensive. Dr. S, the seldom heard from and pretty mundane "sports writer" and I say that with heavy quotes, attributed Colonel Reb's success at winning "Best Mascot" to the fact that either 1) Richard Barret, the locally known white supremacist and supporter of segregationist ideas must have hacked the voting or, 2) JFP readers have a "sick sense of humor." Could a third option be that Jackson has plenty of Ole Miss fans? Ole Miss and its fans have gone round and round about Colonel Reb with no decent results, save for just getting rid of Colonel Reb at games. Ole Miss still markets Colonel Reb on merchandise and fans still appreciate Colonel Reb representing the school. I have plenty of issues about what exactly Ole Miss wants to stand for, however I have to believe that the reason Colonel Reb was voted "Best Mascot" has nothing to do with 1) a racist 'hacking' the Jackson Free Press voting server, or 2) the Jackson Free Press readers just wanting to mess with the voting. The real reason Colonel Reb won is because Ole Miss fans love Ole Miss, come hell or highwater. The Jackson Free Press just needs to suck it up and realize that not every Ole Miss fan is a rabid racist by supporting Colonel Reb.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Ok, now to get down to business. Currently I am living here in Jackson and attending law school. I really don't have a direction I am wanting to take with my degree, but hopefully something will come up. Last semester I decided not to worry as much about what exactly I will do with my degree, but focus more on trying to be a little happier than I have been for the past few years. One of the secrets of law school is how much it changes who of a person you are. I have changed a great deal and in many way, for the worse. I am now trying to reverse some of the effects by being a little bit more confident in the variety of directions I can take. One of the most drastic pains that law school has inflicted on me is my acid reflux! AHHHHH. I should now be a salesman for Zantac or Tagament. Miracle drugs.

As much as I complain about my school, I do actually like many things about it. I have made some great, life-long friends, learned more than I thought I had and been exposed to some very smart professors. Despite these things, I am desperate to get out and have new adventures. Thats right, I enjoy adventures.

I have arrived

Well I have decided to shake the dust of previous blogs and begin writing with a little bit more independence. The previous site I was posting on seemed a little limiting, as far as available readership, so I have opened myself up for more people to view my crooked little view of the world. I hope everyone will enjoy and post some searing comments about how terrible I am, or in the alternative, how desperately they desire to bear my children and give me access to their trust funds. Come on rich women!