Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Meeting The Man

Whats on the agenda children? Well today's post is about jobs. Everyone that knows me knows that I blame the baby boomers for most everything in the world that is wrong and the job market is no exception. Lets take an interesting story from my own recent history. About a year ago I received a call from a relative of mine, telling me that he had set up an interview for me with a very prestigious firm. So I donned my suit, cleaned myself up and proceeded to Big Time Firm's main office. After getting there I met with my connection. Little did I know, but the connection was The Man Himself. The Man Himself took me around through the entire building (Big Time Firm owned the entire building) and talked about all the luxurious art on the walls. He showed me around and really gave me the royal treatment. After a while he suggested lunch, so we adjourned to a local eatery. During lunch he asked me what I wanted to do with my degree and so forth. I was getting a good feeling that this cushy clerkship was waltzing my way, but then suddenly, The Man Himself told me he had nothing to do with the hiring and in fact, they had no positions available. I wanted to get up right then. Now alot of people say, "Expatriate, your getting your undies in a bunch, at least you got a free lunch." Yea, if I had wanted a greasy hamburger, I could have bought it myself without having to wear my goddamn suit. I was stunned and learned a valuable lesson; no one can do anything for you, unless the sanguinity runs directly, not indirectly. I have discovered that in law school, its better to schmooze and network at a bar, like a civilized person.

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