Saturday, January 27, 2007

K-Fed, playa extreme

So today I wikied Kevin Federline. Yes, my life is that boring that I actually wikied K-Fed. Not a very good article, but I was mainly interested in finding out how much money he was getting from Brittany Spears from their divorce settlement. 300k. Yes, 300,000 is all his is getting. Now for me, you and the rest of the world, that is a good chunk of change, but for a Hollywood playa, that just won't cut it. Albeit, he is also getting half the cash from the sale of their Malibu home, a playa like K-Fed is going to need some more cash. If your a washed up dork like K-Fed, whose only accomplishments are being the ex-Mr. Brittany Spears and winning the Teen Choice award for Male Red Carpet Fashion Icon, where do you look for money? Where else? Pro-wrestling and a Nationwide Insurance ad during the Super Bowl. Yes, thats right. When your settled down to watch the Super Bowl, get ready for some dumbass ad featuring K-Fed. I can just see it now: K-Fed is like partying or something and sipping Cognac (like all playas do) and he gets a text message from Brittany in which she tells him she is divorcing him. Then with a dumbass look in his eyes, he looks at the camera and says "Life comes at you fast." Thats their slogan. Hopefully, he'll be holding his Teen Choice award in one hand and his song Popozoa will be playing in the background. As much as I despise him, I really wish he would have come out with a few more albums so he could have eclipsed Vanilla Ice as the worst person ever to be involved in music. Hell, you never know. Maybe he will reconcile with his redneck white trash wife and they can do an album together.

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