Sunday, January 28, 2007

Public Broadcasting Agent

Since I decided to do this blog, I have enjoyed blogging much more than my previous place. I guess Blogger is a pretty good place. In fact, despite my belief that none of my friends are reading this, I find that I post a few times a day. Its almost a relief to unload my random, sometimes, crazy thoughts for anyone to peruse. I was actually considering blasting K-Fed again, but I just can't. He is just too terrible and only deserves my pity now. I'm now anxiously waiting on Mississippi Roads, its that show with Walt Grayson that comes on the news and Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Its kinda grainy and not very well shot, but I do enjoy the different places he travels. I've learned alot about Mississippi I've never known. Yes, I am a voluntary PR agent for Mississippi Roads. LOL. Also, I think "This American Life" is fixing to come on public radio, so I'm waiting on that too. Oh my God. I just realized how much of an intellectual elitist I am. Well I don't really care. Those are both good shows.

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