Friday, January 26, 2007

Book Picks

Lately, I haven't had a good book to read. I finished just about all of David Sedaris' books and I love them, but they go to quick. If anyone else is in this rut and wants some book suggestions, I have a few for you:

1) Hunter S. Thompson, I'd suggest Kingdom of Fear. Very good collection of the good doctor's letters from later in his life, some older stuff too.

2) Thomas Wolfe, Ever want to change your life? Start with You Can't Go Home Again. I promise it will shake you up.

3) Brett Easton Ellis, American Pyscho himself. Finished Lunar Park a while ago. Very scary, in a Stephen King kind of way, but with Ellis' post-modern style and sensibility.

4) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, You can't beat Sherlock Holmes.

5) Edward Humes, Mississippi Mud is one of the greatest non-fictions ever written. Disturbing look at the Dixie Mafia and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I think Grisham may have stolen a few plot lines. LOL.

6) Dr. Alan Lightman, I know, he sounds like a Mega-Man character but he is great. I have had the pleasure of meeting him too. Super nice guy. He is theoretical physicist, I think, but writes drama on the side. Huge brain on this guy. Read The Diagnosis.

7) Flannery O'Connor, Your not going to get much better Southern short stories. Incredible wit and some of the scariest close to real life shit you have ever read. Start with A good man is hard to find.

8) Truman Capote, In cold blood is brutal and another incredibly great non-fiction. The birth of modern police stories.

9) Harper Lee, Another great southern lady of letters. To Kill a Mockingbird will get under your skin and fill up your soul. Gives you hope about the south. After you read the book, watch the movie because Mary Badham is great as Scout and Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is brilliant.

There you go. Nine great books that will either scare you, make you laugh, or reaffirm your life. I would appreciate anyone's suggestions on any good books I should think about trying.

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