Friday, January 26, 2007

Getting High on Insomnia

You ever get so little sleep, you feel drunk on insomnia? I feel that way. Whats funny is that I got about 6 hours worth last night. I've been looking up sleep disorders on WebMD all morning, but they are no help. Unless your a narcoleptic or a have night terrors, WebMD is pretty useless to me. Hypersomnia looks pretty attractive. Maybe thats what I have. More likely, I am just not getting enough exercise and my sleep schedule is totally screwed up. Anyone in law school will tell you that sitting through an 8 o'clock class is not conducive to improving your sleep. All I can think about the entire time I'm in my early class is how much I need a nap. I start making deals with myself so I can get through the material. "Ok brain, listen up. I'm running this show and we have to work this out. I know your tired, seriously I do. Body, your in this thing too. Listen guys, all you have to do is make it through the next 20 minutes and then you can collapse." I'm talking to myself. Not a good sign, and thats really how sleepy I am.

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