Sunday, January 28, 2007

Freedom From Idiots

Ok, I admit it. I'm a youtube junkie. Thats right, I get my fix everyday, like heroin, by looking at either 1) gratuitous violence on youtube, 2) personal video diaries or 3) downright weird videos like that one with the mentos in the diet coke. I need an intervention desperately. Youtube is pure crack. On that note, one of the most popular and one of the most discussed topics on youtube is religion, or the lack thereof. I have noticed that there are these huge battles between people either advocating christianity and God or advocating atheism. I am amazed at how vehement these people get. One guy was so mad he was just screaming and ranting about how he hates all religions. Now I consider myself a spiritual person, but I have lots of friends with a myriad of views ranging from judaism and christianity to pure atheism, but the common thread between these people is they don't get into shouting matches. I guess watching youtube for these people is more or less the exceptions to the rule but something struck me the other day when I was indulging in viewing these trainwrecks: people today are becoming a little less tolerant. Even atheists who advocated back in the day for "freedom from religion" are now advocating for "freedom from anything that resembles religion" and pushing a disrespectful view of other people's beliefs. One of the videos I watched was this atheist talking about how he doesn't feel any need to respect a christian's point of view because he as an atheist doesn't believe in it. What the hell kind of view is that? By this guy's rationale, if you disagree with any single point of any other person's ideas about life or spirituality, then you don't have to respect them as a human being. Its a disgusting point of view. This debate about respecting other views is spilling into every area of the American body politic and I don't like it. Tolerance is now seen as acquiescence. "Live and let live" is replaced with "live, push your views, and screw anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with you." Once again my point is proven; most people in the world are crazy.

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