Friday, February 9, 2007

The Garden

I guess I'm a little late in figuring this out, but men and women really do think differently. I have started reading "Garden of Eden" by Hemingway and its nice. My favorite book he ever wrote is "A Moveable Feast" and a close second is "The Sun Also Rises." Some people really don't like Hemingway because they claim he was a chauvinist. Hell, he probably was, but fuck it. I like his writing style and his topics. Despite his chauvinism, I think he had his finger on the pulse of relationships between men and women. I haven't gotten too deep into "Garden of Eden" and it starts off so nice, I'm hoping it doesn't descend into violence and cruelty like some of his other books do. I guess the reason I like "A Moveable Feast" is because its simple and loving. I'm hoping "Garden of Eden" will be too. It starts out with two lovers living on the coast in France. They drink alot of wine, fish and make love. Sounds like a pretty damn good life to me. Hemingway's women touch on some of the funny and sometimes silly things women do and I guess that's why I like these characters. I think women have these abilities built in from birth, and they are reinforced throughout their life. I have been looking at youtube a bit and noticed alot of Valentine's Day advice floating around on some of VLOGs. All this advice about giving gifts or diamonds or going to dinner. Valentine's Day seems to be a day reserved for men to reinforce the idealistic, feminine traits of women by going through the motions and trying to live up to a "Garden of Eden."

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