Sunday, February 4, 2007

In Between Commercials, Next to Hugh Grant, and Down the Street at the Theater

Reader! I want you to think about something right now! Exactly how many movies that are out in theaters right now, do you really want to go see? In between "Girls Gone Wild" commercials and after the Super Bowl tonight, I saw a preview for that new movie with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, and it looks like grade A shit. I started thinking about the rest of the world class crap that is floating around in theaters today, and I realized that for the last so many years, there is rarely a time when 2 or 3 movies are in the theaters at one time that are worth my fucking time. On top of this pure rage about crappy movies, I have decided that I am tired of that horse's ass who does the voice overs for endearing, heartfelt movies. You know the guy I'm talking about. During the previews to any movie that has to do with couples falling in love in the most dumbshit ways, this one guy's voice is always there, narrating the preview and basically setting up the entire movie for droves of women to drag masses of unhappy men to a local theater. God I am angry tonight. I think its the fact that I have an early class, I didn't go outside at all today and despite a decent game, the Super Bowl just wasn't that interesting this year.

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