Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Morning and Mexico

I woke up this morning after surviving the storm last night to the movie "Once Upon A Time In Mexico." I had forgotten how much I adore this movie. I mean, the plot is a pretty crazy, but the stars and the dialogue make up for any problems in the plot. If we were to use a music analogy, this movie would be considered a "Super Group." You know, like the remaining members of The Beatles teaming up with the remaining members of Led Zeppelin and calling themselves, "Kind Hearted Travelers" or some shit like that. But don't let me sound insincere. I adore the whole El Mariachi thing. I mean, "Desperado" was good and "El Mariachi" was ok too, but this movie is made by Johnny Depp's character, Sheldon Sands. Whats great is, and I don't know this for sure, but it seems that the director, Robert Rodriquez, gave Depp plenty of range for expanding and developing his character and I just have to believe that many of Depp's great lines were ad libbed. Or maybe the script for his character was just that good. The Wikipedia article describes Depp's character as an "anti-hero" but for my money I would just characterize him as an interesting psycho, with great fashion sense and an awesome assortment of toys.

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