Monday, February 5, 2007

A Day in the Life of

Most days, I wake up before 7. I set my alarm to give me an hour to get ready and to make it to school, which basically amounts to 1 hour to get to school, whether or not I have showered or are dressed. I have to have a shower in the morning, so I'm always scrubbed and ready to go. Three days out of the week, I arrive right around 8 and immediately zone out. After checking my email, several times, checking the Clarion Ledger online, the Jackson Free Press and a host of other news outlets online, I begin to pay somewhat attention to the Professor. Mostly, I just look up and seem interested and fake like I'm taking notes, such as right now. After about 3 o'clock, on most days, I'm done, so I go home and watch Spike TV because they usually have some incarnation of Star Trek on, yes I am a total nerd. I sit in my chair and flip between the news and Star Trek for the rest of the afternoon. Then around 5 or 6 I get some dinner, usually a Subway or maybe something I have in the fridge. By 7 or 8 my biggest decision of the day arrives: to go the bar or not. Last week was a resounding 'Yes!' so that usually means the next week is 'No.' I'll probably stay away from the rathskeller for a few more days. I hit the bed at midnight and sleep for 6 hours.

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