Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Gripes

I'm sure for the rest of tonight, tomorrow and next week, a million people will blog about the Super Bowl and the shit they don't like about it. Before kickoff, I'm going to go ahead and beat everyone to the punch and bitch about this year's Super Bowl. First of all, the goddamn ads. The game hadn't even gotten close to starting and every 5 minutes of the damn Kickoff Show is an ad for the new cheesy bread from Pizza Hut. Second, the damn crowd is about as dead as Dillenger. What do you expect, though, when its made up of corporate executives, rich assholes who just decided to go, and a handful of hard core fans from each side that took out a second mortgage to be able to go to Miami. Last of all, the commentators have to be the worst of all time, from down on the field to up in the booth. I cannot fucking stand them. There you go, I went ahead and got this shit off my chest. I'm not sure who to pull for, but I guess I'll roll with the Colts on this one for Manning, so hopefully a win here for him will rub off on his little brother who is most assuredly there watching.

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