Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life Goals

These are some of my top goals in life. I came up with this list because I am nearing the end of one of the more boring and loathsome chapters in my life. The next chapter is going to be great, so anyone who is reading the book of my life, here are some predominant themes to look for.

1) be healthier
I have some unhealthy habits. I remember a time when I used to care more about my health, both mental and physical, but law school seemed to suck that right out of me. This goal is probably the most attainable, so I'm going to push for it when this hell is over with.

2) graduate on time
I've come so far and I know I bitch alot about school, but I do sincerely want to get done in a timely fashion and move forward. Maybe I will miss a few aspects of it, but not many. Also, I'm not looking forward to graduation day, I mean I am excited about being done, I'm just not a big fan of ceremonies, unless they involve blood rituals and cool, creepy music.

3) pass the bar
The mountain. Its so momentous, that I get a stomach just thinking about this motherfucker. I'm not excited about this, but truly, if this is the last hurdle, I plan on scratching, killing, and maiming my way over this bitch.

4) get a job
I've blogged too much about this thing. I just want a good one.

5) be happier
Yea, I'm not that happy, surprised? When I saw law school sucks something out of you, I mean it. Before I came here, I was in a pretty decent mental state. Now, and the 5 semesters behind me, I have felt unhappy. I mean, I'm not depressed or anything (been there, done that), I'm just unhappy. I don't like this venue.

6) travel more
The classic goal of anyone talking about life goals. I don't mean Mongolia or the Caribbean, I just mean travel around the south more, meet interesting people and enjoy myself in unfamiliar places. Experience the native cultures.

7) write something
Long suffering goal. I've always had great ideas for stories, I just have such a hard time wrenching them out of my mind. Since I'm talking about goals, one of my goals of having a blog is so I can write more and just try to force something to come out of my head. At the very least, I can say this blog has improved my typing a bit, but not my grammar. I will write something, though. Come hell or high water.

8) play golf more
When I was growing up, I didn't understand golf. It seemed like a game for old, fat, white men to play in really bad clothes. After play a bit, it is relaxing. I've never bought a club in my life, I have just used hand me downs from people I know. I like that. I have made no major investments in it and its pretty cheap to go out on a nice day and shag some balls around. Its like going for a walk with beer, clubs and carts.

9) be a better friend
I have a load of friends and I love them all. I try my best to help them when I can and I try to care about them, but another downfall of law school is that it sucks the time out of you to be with people you care about. I hope and pray it changes.

10) have adventures
This is my classic line. I really do enjoy adventures, and as childish as it sounds, having
adventures is my ultimate goal. Having adventures contributes to every previous goal I have mentioned and I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, adventures...and quit smoking, you bastard. Law school is a bitch, but its got nothin' on cancer.