Friday, February 16, 2007

1/2 Hour News Hour Sucks Really Bad and Fox News Does Not Have A Sense Of Humor

OK, I've decided to go ahead and get in front of this new show on Fox News called "The 1/2 Hour News Hour." Supposedly, this is the right wing answer to the left leaning genius comedy "The Daily Show." Wrong. This new burp by Fox News is a pathetic excuse for bad comedy. I've seen really, really bad comedies that are better than this shit. Youtube has some of their promos posted and a clip from the show, so I encourage everyone to check out Youtube and watch a piece of this tripe. Besides the humor trying to be an opposite mirror of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, it falls well short. The killers of this show, though, are the laugh track and the eerie similarity it has to the set up, music and graphics of "The Daily Show." But I'm not mad. Actually, I am anticipating this show's arrival, because after this bucket of shit spills onto cable, "The Daily Show" will have a field day. Its like a meat pitch coming straight down and Jon Stewart is going to carry it 450 yards. A laugh track? Seriously. Fox News just needs to realize that it doesn't have a sense of humor and shouldn't try.


Jonathan Moore said...

I have seen the video clips and found them quiet funny. Not as funny as the politically incorrect comedy on though.

The Expatriate said...

Your joking, right? Its going to be crap, but the world does need crap and Jon Stewart does need new fodder for jokes.