Friday, March 2, 2007

Trick Daddy: Live on the Square!

I'm sitting right now, up at Square Books in Oxford, enjoying creation as it unfolds under the watchful eye of Lafayette county's capitalism. In the short time that I have been away from Oxford, I am never amazed at the frenzy to build and and create new things for the masses in this small corner of the world. Now I'm not one of these old fogeys who sits around talking about how great things were back in my day, but it just seems to me in the last few years, Oxford ha s been on a rampage to expand and grow. Is it that the powers that be finally realized the volume of disposable income that Ole Miss students have to throw around? Or maybe its the fact that people just see something special about Oxford and this area? Maybe its both. Whatever it is, its nice to sit here and enjoy people walking around. I'm a people watcher. On the Square, people watching could be a competitive sport. Students, old alumni trying to remember how to navigate the Square, old women, wanna be authors, wanna be musicians, real authors, real musicians, hell everyone is here. I'm so sentimental. Of course, what has to break the peace whilst I sit here? Trick Daddy blasting out of some extremely white and extremely redneck rich asshole's SUV. I'm on a very short vacation here and I could do without Trick Daddy.

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