Sunday, March 4, 2007

True Crime

Ok, there was another murder in this city. What the hell is going on? The damn newspapers are not reporting the fact that we already have a good many murders for this to only be March. The mayor is in jail, the city council is drowning in red tape, no one is running the city, businesses are leaving, and when the fuck was the last time the damn police department actually solved a case? The cops need like 300 more officers and the fire department has an interim chief. The police chief doesn't have a plan to fight crime and there is real organized crime in this city. The potholes are mounting, drugs are sold in impunity, and muggings and home invasion is a real possibility if you live in the city limits. That's why I don't fucking live there. Certain media outlets in this area love to talk about all the "white flight" and how its so terrible. Well, there are a hell of alot of black people leaving Jackson too. Who the fuck wants to have to worry that their damn kid is going to sit on a crack pipe when they go to the local playground? Or worry about some homeless guy begging for a quarter? Or how about getting caught in the crossfire of some jerk-off, useless thugs battling it out on Wood Street for control of "turf?" No one. Black, white, whatever, its universal to want to be safe and for your children to be safe. So this is what I say to everyone who is thinking about moving out of Jackson. Fucking do it. Get the hell out and move to Rankin County or Madison County or wherever. Its going to get worse in Jackson and its time to head to high ground.


Anonymous said...

So do you like Madison, or not? These last two posts have me extremely confused.

The Expatriate said...

Madison and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it because your chances of being stabbed are greatly reduced, but I hate it because it just thinks its soooooooooooo cool.