Saturday, March 10, 2007

Living a Century to Get Punched in the Face

Ok, I time travelled today. What the fuck? I woke up and its an hour later. Because I don't really pay attention too well, I forgot about the damn time change. Shit. I totally lost an hour today and I won't get it back until November! Damn you daylight savings!!

On to more pressing news. I awake on this beautiful saturday and I turn on MSNBC, as I am want to do. What do I see? A mugger in New York beat up a 101 year old lady in her apartment foyer. He punched her several times and stole her purse which had 38 dollars in it. Where is Sonny Corleone when you need him? I am so infuriated. This cocksucking, low-life, prick mugged an old woman. Now, I know I'm just a simple country boy from a backwater state, but New York is packed with young, rich assholes who would probably loved to get mugged, just for the story of it. What would make a guy mug an extremely old lady? Is this mugger that much of a pussy that he has to go after people who are knocking on heaven's door? Last year, this same kind of attack happened here in the Capitol City and I was outraged then. I just can't get over it. The news reported that this attacker in New York has been targeting old women in one neighborhood. I say get in touch with a good many of the old ladies in this neighborhood and give them Tasers. Then, after one of them zaps his all, call up some hard pipe hittin' boys and go to work on the homes. Marsellus Wallace style.


The Thinker said...

Ever since Charles Bronson laid down his guns, the whole country has gone to shit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, losing Dirty Harry didn't help any either.