Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why Can't We Be Friends?

God I hate when Saturday is over. Sunday is just such a tease of a day, shaking its sexy ass all around your life, then at the end of it, your super pissed because its over. Damn you Sunday, you bitch!! Well last night was the Friendship Ball at Hal and Mals. I ended up there late, after my trip to Oxford and a stop over at Martins to see some people. Yea, great. Ok, so then I go to the Friendship Ball. The jazz band was great, but the crowd was so weird. My night went from a high to a low, so I had to retreat to Hal and Mals. Just when I was settling down and enjoying the music, I started to notice who came to the Friendship Ball. Some older people, lots of pretentious wanna be writers, so called activists and the smattering of politicians. Despite the music making me feel a little better, the people at this thing were frustrating me a little. Who the hell are these people? This is my bar. I'm a regular. These people are treating this place like a novelty, a place they show up to once or twice a year to feel better about "race" relations in Jackson. They drive in from Madison, botox their faces and mingle with themselves. They might as well be at Schimmels. In fact, that's a great point. They should have the Friendship Ball at Schimmels. At least, then, the pretentiousness of the crowd would match the pretentiousness of the place.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Settle down there, Bub.

Last time I saw you at Schimmels, you were drowling and feasting.