Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What I Have in Common with Anthony Bourdain

Before I unceremoniously removed my cable I used to watch a lot of Tony Bourdain. One night, while enjoying an evening by the fire in my fortified mansion in an undisclosed location in the Great State, I noticed Bourdain on a different show. It was not his regular show, “No Reservations,” of which I am a huge fan, but it was a special in which he worked at a restaurant in his hometown of New York. Not managing and schmoozing, but working in the kitchen, busting his ass. Bourdain is such a smart ass, it was nice to see him getting cussed out and making tons of mistakes. LOL. Nothing against Tony, I think he is a good writer and host, and from what I hear, a damn good chef.

Anywho, Bourdain used a word that has become of late, one of my favorites: Civilized. I guess in living here at the top of the Great State, in a suburban hell, I have come to appreciate the more civilized things in life. A civilized drink at a good bar, civilized conversation with cosmopolitan people, and civilized driving. Yes, lately dear reader, your Expatriate has been in a few fender benders. None my fault, mind you, but they have made me realize that people squished into a small suburban area, with only a handful of roads and horrible traffic, combine for a goulash of death and destruction on the Eisenhower Interstate System. I persist, though; ever pushing my boat against the current.

Back to Bourdain. When he used the word ‘civilized’ it made me just appreciate him more. We are not talking about high class blue bloods, sitting in a arm-chairs, smoking cigars and discussing bilateral negations with Iran. No, Bourdain and I are talking about the comforts of life. Art for art’s sake. Locally brewed beer. An old bench, that despite it’s age, still manages to relieve your ankles. Civilized is cutting through the bullshit, getting rid of the cellophane and just relaxing. Slow down for a minute, dear reader, and try to be a little more civilized. I suggest you also watch where your driving, too. That might be a certain Expatriate in front of you.

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"Gracie" said...

erin I totally dont believe that you appreciate all things civilized now :)