Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I've been very reluctant to blog about the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most considerably because I have several friends who have served in both theaters. By the grace of God, all have returned back to the U.S. and more importantly, the Great State, however I find myself weary of an unending conflict with no discernable goals. This statement has been reiterated many times over by talking heads on more blogs and televisions shows than worth mentioning, however, I find that I need to say my piece on it.

I believe that the United States Military is the greatest in the world. We have the best technology, we control the air, sea and space. All other armies in the world stand mute in the face of the sheer destructive power of our men and materials. Including China, so don't give me any bullshit about a billion man army. You can have all the men you want, but in today's warfare, one of our submarines can handle the worst China, or any other third world shit hole could ever dish out.

With this being said, though, I find the War that we have been embroiled in to be dragging on. We are now fighting a civil war, in two countries that do not deserve our time. I'm ready for our troops to return home, triumphant in the fact that a dictator of despicable means, his ilk, and their cronies, lie as dead as the dust that comprises, Iraq.

No Civil War.

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