Friday, November 30, 2007

Forward Rebels

Well I have not done a sports post here in a while, so I felt that I should, now that Ole Miss’ embarrassing season is over. The Rebs hurt my feelings this year, so I have been reluctant to post anything. With the entry of Houston Nutt, I do have a few things to say, so listen up Ole Miss faithful and slack jawed yokels. Here we go:

1) Lets all be realistic about next season. I do not want promises of Sugar Bowls and SEC titles. I want a .500 season.
2) I want us to beat the shit out of State next year to shut up the folks that are singing Croom’s praises. Nutt better get on that.
3) Lets utilize our recruits and not work against them. Too much talent has been squandered lately.
4) Fire Pete Boone. Your time is past, bubba.
5) Retire Khayat. Your time is past, bubba.
6) I say pull some redshirts and lets get a few of these guys on the field. Like, now.
7) I want no one, and I mean no one, to talk up Snead like he is the next best thing to sliced bread. I want him to pocket-pass, calm down, and watch film all the time. Get on that one too, Nutt.
8) Lastly, and this is the biggy: ALL OF OUR HIGH POWERED ALUMNI NEED TO STAY OUT OF THE FUCKING FIELD HOUSE. LET COACH NUTT RUN HIS TEAM AND HIS PERSONNEL. THE ALUMNI’S POSITION IS IN THE GROVE AND IN THE STANDS. Our program has been pretty clean, but I have the stinking suspicion that there are some hands creeping in, trying to guide things. Stay out.

Anywho, gang. There you go. So until next season, Forward Rebels, March to Fame.

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