Monday, October 15, 2007

I am Danny Devito

So the kid found a job. Actually, the job fell my way. This whole experience serves to illustrate the point taken from "Its a Wonderful Life," which is, "No man is ever poor who has friends." Thanks to a wonderful friend, I have a job and it really is a wonderful life.
Wow. That was sappy. Well, kiss my ass. There. Is that snarky enough for you, dear reader?
Tomorrow I start my new job and hopefully I won't fall on my ass. Somehow I doubt I will, seeing as there are too many good people that work with me to let that happen, but hey, I am a world-renown klutz.
Basically what I will be doing will be akin to Danny Devito's job in "The Rainmaker." For further inquiries, please dial 9 or wait for an operator.
Living up here at the top of The Great State is interesting. My apartment is luxurious, there are tons of Applebees and I only know 3 people. Let the adventures start!
Just a quick note to update you dear reader. Stay tuned.


Nic said...

Applebee's is the devil! Go find yourself a hole in the wall bar to drink at so you'll miss home!

The Expatriate said...

There aren't too many holes in the walls here. I'll have to venture into Memphis to find that.